From simple everyday transactions to complex financial planning, SevnBank offers a suite of solutions tailored to your unique requirements. Manage your accounts seamlessly with our user-friendly online and mobile banking platforms, ensuring easy access to your funds whenever and wherever you need them.

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Seven Bank is a customer-focused organization that subscribes to a set of core values, including responsibility, integrity, respect, teamwork, urgency, loyalty, creativity and the pursuit of excellence. We attribute our steady growth to rising levels of customer satisfaction.

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Seven Bank provides asset management services to clients on a discretionary and non-discretionary model. The services provided are concentrated, but not limited to the commodity market and the real estate market as well. nvestments in bonds, debentures, futures, options, shares, structured products, units and subscription bonds. Customer assets can be maintained or controlled by Seven Bank. Seven Bank offers more investment opportunities as well as products, including but not limited to Mutual Funds, Fixed Income and Structured Products.

Seven Bank also has the ability to invest in various funds. Seven Bank provides services and products to its customers through Conventional Bank and Islamic Bank. Seven Bank uses the highest standards of sharia interpretation with the committee of renowned sharia scholars.

Seven Bank is dedicated to providing fund management services to help people around the world striving to deliver exceptional products and services.

Seven Bank is able to arrange escrow with reputable and well-known Custodians who provide a variety of escrow services that give you control over your investments. Custodian simplifies protecting your assets. The appointment of Custodians to hold the assets is chosen after rigorous scrutiny and careful selection. These custodians are monitored regularly.

Seven Bank can provide credit products such as banking instruments to its professional clients such as institutional investors, pension funds, SWFs and private offices.

Seven Bank can advise professional clients such as companies and infrastructure developers on credit products. As financial advisors, we help the client maintain the desired balance of investment income, capital gains and acceptable level of risk using the proper asset allocation.

Seven Bank can provide cash against bank instruments to clients around the world, arranging for monetization against owned or leased banking instruments and other financial instruments through its relationships with banks around the world.

Seven Bank can provide investment advice, financial planning and wealth management services to its clients. Seven Bank can seek suitable private investment opportunities through banks, venture capital firms and its global network of professional banking advisors.

Seven Bank can advise on structuring financing for mergers, acquisitions (assets and equity), leveraged buyouts, restructuring and much more.

When there is a new project, Seven Bank can liaise between project owners and investors across the range of transactions, from early stage seed rounds to late stage venture rounds involving the issuance of preferred shares, convertible debt instruments , guarantees and bridge debt secured as well as unsecured.

Seven Bank can provide escrow for professional clients, such as institutional investors, pension funds, SWFs, private offices, by performing due diligence and entering into agreements with custodians where necessary for clients’ investments.