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What are the prerequisites for setting up a Seven Bank account?

Setting up your Seven Bank account is a seamless process. All that is required is your smartphone and a valid passport or international ID card. With these essential documents, you can have your Seven Bank account up and operational within 5 minutes.

How can I complete the finalization process for my account?

For new users who may have skipped certain steps in the identification process you can effortlessly conclude your account setup. By simply selecting the "complete onboarding" button, conveniently located on your Seven Bank home page, your account will undergo the necessary final processing steps.

What if I missed some information during the identification process?

In the infrequent event that incorrect information was submitted in the identification form, our sophisticated system will promptly notify you, urging you to resubmit the accurate details. Ensuring the accuracy of all information is crucial for the approval of your esteemed Seven Bank banking account, adhering to legal requirements.

What is NIE/NIF?

NIE/NIF denotes the Portuguese and Spanish equivalent of identification numbers utilized in north EU countries and other global regions. This identification serves as a personal identifier for a range of purposes.

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Seven Bank trading courses and events

Seven Bank trading courses and events

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