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The evolution of your banking experience

Seven Bank empowering your financial future

Unlocking Opportunities, Building Wealth, and Creating a Secure Future

  • Digital Cards and Wallets

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  • Contacless payments

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Apply for our card today and unlock a world of financial possibilities.

With 15 years of dedicated service, our bank brings a wealth of experience and expertise to meet your financial needs. Over the years, we have built a reputation for trust, reliability, and innovation.

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At our bank, we leverage powerful partnerships with industry leaders like DTCC, Bloomberg, ISIN, SWIFT etc... to provide you with unparalleled financial services. These alliances enable us to offer robust, reliable, and innovative solutions that meet your diverse banking needs.

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Seven Bank offers an exclusive premium banking experience.

The evolution of your banking experience

One system. All Products


Experience unparalleled luxury and exclusivity with our Prestige Cards. Designed for those who appreciate the finer things in life.

Answer to our frequently asked questions

Setting up your Seven Bank account is a seamless process. All that is required is your smartphone and a valid passport or international ID card. With these essential documents, you can have your Seven Bank account up and operational within 5 minutes.

In the infrequent event that incorrect information was submitted in the identification form, our sophisticated system will promptly notify you, urging you to resubmit the accurate details. Ensuring the accuracy of all information is crucial for the approval of your esteemed Seven Bank banking account, adhering to legal requirements.

In the event of a phone number change that differs from the one associated with your account, we encourage you to promptly reach out to our dedicated support team. We are more than happy to assist you with the necessary updates.

When executing a bank transfer to your Seven Bank account, it is of utmost importance to incorporate your reference code as a referenceor comment during the transfer process. This particular code ensures the smooth and accurate routing of your transfer to your designated account.

In the ordinary course of events, transfers to your Seven Bank account should be received within 48 working hours. However, if this is not the case, we kindly request that you promptly communicate with our support team, providing us with the relevant receipt of the transfer for expeditious resolution.

For new users who may have skipped certain steps in the identification process you can effortlessly conclude your account setup. By simply selecting the “complete onboarding” button, conveniently located on your Seven Bank home page, your account will undergo the necessary final processing steps.

NIE/NIF denotes the Portuguese and Spanish equivalent of identification numbers utilized in north EU countries and other global regions. This identification serves as a personal identifier for a range of purposes.

In order to conduct money transfers from your bank account or alternative credit/debit card to your Seven Bank Account, it is imperative that your identification process and account approval have been successfully completed and finalized.

The arrival of transfers to your Seven Bank account typically requires up to 48 working hours.

When utilizing your digital Seven Bank VISA card for online transactions, it can be employed in a manner akin to any other card, simply by entering the requisite card information during the transaction process.

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